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DUI Risk Reduction Courses

The DUI/Risk Reduction Program consists of two components:

  1. The Assessment component
  2. The Intervention component.

The Assessment

Georgia Law requires anyone arrested for DUI or any Drug Related offense to attend The Risk Reduction Program. All DUI and Drug Offenders must take the assessment prior to the first day of class. The Assessment is a 130 question survey, which is computer scored and analyzed. The assessment instrument is the NEEDS, which is nationally recognized and validated. The assessment helps the student understand their level of involvement with alcohol and/or drugs and how it is impacting their life. The assessment results will be returned to students during class. The assessment takes about 1 hour to complete and is given daily during our regular business hours with evening and weekend times also available.

The Current Assessment Fee is $100.00 (all fees are set by the Department of Driver Services)

The Intervention

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The 20 Hour Risk Reduction/DUI Program

The Intervention component is a course that delivers therapeutic education over a 20-hour period.  The Prime For Life is a lifestyle risk reduction approach which clarifies what roles the quantity and frequency of alcohol/drug use plays in the development of alcohol or drug problems.  It also gives individuals a way to estimate their personal level of biological risk and clear guidelines for ways to reduce the risk of future alcohol or drug related problems.  Students will have an individual workbook that will help them better understand the progression of how one's Lifestyle combines with their Genetics to determine the outcome.

*Any student who has a problem reading or writing is encouraged to bring someone with them to help. This person must abide by the rules that are set for all program participants. Classes are given once, monthly. Please call today to reserve your seat in our next program.

The Current Class Fee is $255.00 which includes the purchase of student workbook, (all fees are set by the Department of Driver Services).

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Risk Reduction Certification #: 2040
Defensive Driving Certification #: DI 935

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